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We are Douglas Daniel and Brandon Hudson, San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers. We have over four decades of combined experience, and we have been recognized by S.A. Scene Magazine as being among the best San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers for the past seven consecutive years. We defend against numerous crimes to include assault crimes, drug crimes, DWI, violent crimes, theft crimes, white collar crimes, sex crimes and much more. Our San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer firm has the knowledge, dedication and determination to fight against both federal and state crimes in San Antonio and where ever circumstances warrant in South Texas.
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DWI criminal defense
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Our high level of professionalism, integrity and success is propelled by two outstanding San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers, Douglas Daniel and Brandon Hudson. We are aggressive San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorneys that will defend you the best way possible and help if charged with a felony, misdemeanor, DWI, sex crime, drug crime, federal crime and much more.
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Douglas Daniel

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I am a San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer with more than three decades of experience in criminal defense, granting me the knowledge and familiarity to take on any criminal case. I started my legal practice in 1981 defending accused individuals in their criminal cases after I received my Juris Doctorate from St. Mary's University School of Law. As a San Antonio criminal defense attorney I have gained ample experience dealing with the various courts, judges and prosecutors in South Texas. Of special note, I was recently elected to membership as a Life Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation in recognition of best-in-class criminal defense service and devotion to the highest traditions of the Bar.

Brandon Hudson

Bio Photo of Brandon Hudson: San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer

I partnered with San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer Douglas Daniel in 2007, and since then our ability to aggressively represent accused individuals and mount successful criminal defense strategies has rapidly grown. I am a highly skilled San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer who is certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in criminal law, which means that I am a specialist in my chosen field. I have comprehensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, considering that I practiced law as both a criminal defense attorney and a prosecutor. Prior to working as a criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio, I was a First Chair Felony Prosecutor in various counties throughout the state of Texas. As a well-seasoned San Antonio Defense Lawyer, I have ample experience handling serious criminal defense cases, including death penalty cases in both Bexar County and surrounding counties.

In a recent criminal defense case win, I was able to get all charges dismissed for a 20-year-old man who was accused of indecency with a child when he was 15. My investigation determined that credible evidence did not exist to prove that my client was the actual offender. The charges were dropped before my client was indicted or arrested.

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Criminal charges are a serious issue in Texas as our state has some of the heaviest penalties in the country. It is absolutely vital that the defense of your case begins at once. The earlier a San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyer gets involved, the faster they can get into action on your behalf. As highly experienced San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers, we know how important the outcome of your case is, and we take a personal interest in you, your family, and your future. Your freedom is important to us and we are prepared to evaluate your legal situation immediately to advise you how we will move forward with your criminal defense case.

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“You just cannot go wrong with Mr. Brandon Hudson”

“You just cannot go wrong with Mr. Brandon Hudson. My son was accused of an aggravated sexual assault to a child. I knew from the onset that there was no way this could be, but of course I am the mother. But, unbeknownst to me, the state acts and forces you to defend yourself out of very serious potential outcomes. We did not even know the accuser so don't be surprised that even then you will need a very strong attorney. Mr. Hudson, during the time we were waiting for court dates, investigations, evaluations and so on, he kept my son and I confident. I called him several times to get help when my son was very anxious. In a much shorter time than I expected, my son's case was dismissed and will be "sealed" as if these charges never happened. Mr. Hudson is a man of integrity and compassion. He has the experts to help get to the deepest details to help fight your case. I will consider Mr. Hudson our personal family attorney. I hope not to ever need him to defend us again but if you find that today you are in much need of someone that will fight to the end for you, call him. He gave us both our lives back and for that we will be forever grateful. He does not collect and sit on it. He goes to work immediately and tells you what to expect from the first consultation.”
– L Sanchez, Criminal Defense Client

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