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Chapter 22 of the Texas Penal Code covers all offenses that involve Assault. The types of behavior that are included range from class C misdemeanors involving such things as threatening another person with imminent bodily injury, or causing physical contact with another person that is offensive or provocative, all the way up to serious felonies, including sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault, the sexual assault of a child and offenses involving the use of a deadly weapon. If you are charged with a serious felony assault it is obvious that you need to secure an experienced lawyer to defend you. We can provide you with that service. But do not be deceived into believing that you can get by without the best on the less serious charges involving assault. This is because even simple misdemeanor assault charges on your record can have devastating effects later on if you are applying for a job or trying to rent an apartment, or if you are charged with the same offense at a later time.

At the Law Offices of Daniel and Hudson we have handled all levels of assaultive offenses to successful resolution for our clients and always with an eye for what their future needs might be. We want you to be satisfied with our efforts today and tomorrow. If you are charged with some level of an Assault, we hope you will give us the opportunity to be of service and make you glad you came to us.

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