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Human Trafficking


human trafficking

The offense of Human Trafficking, which is described in Chapter 20A of the Texas Penal Code, is quickly becoming an offense that is receiving a lot of attention from law enforcement both at the state and federal level. One reason is the amount of money that is being put into the prosecution of these types of cases, particularly at the state level.

Those counties that are within 200 miles of the border with Mexico are eligible for what are called border prosecution grants from the governor's office that can be used by District Attorneys offices to supplement funding to prosecute a number of specific offenses, including human trafficking. In order for these counties to continue to receive funding, certain performance goals must be met, which include the number of cases prosecuted and the number of cases with successful verdicts for the state. This creates an enormous incentive for prosecutors to charge and prosecute these cases, including those that might otherwise receive little or no attention or would otherwise be considered without merit.

It is important to note that if a person is convicted of this offense they are NOT eligible for probation from either a judge or a jury. That means that if you plead guilty or you are found guilty by either a judge or a jury for the offense of human trafficking, YOU WILL BE SENT TO PRISON. Selecting an attorney who has experience with this particular offense is critical to insure that you receive the best defense possible.

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