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…arrested and charged with a criminal offense

If you’ve been accused of sexual assault

If you’ve been pulled over for DWI

If you’ve been unhappy with your current lawyer and are searching for more effective legal counsel

If you wonder whether it’s too late to do anything about it, IT’S NOT - but only if you know which criminal defense attorney to hire and which to ignore.

And if you want to understand all of your legal options and hire the best defense team for your case, then the Law Office of Daniel & Hudson is the right solution for you.

Our lawyers have the knowledge, dedication, and determination to defend you in any type of criminal case. We will protect your rights so you don't have to face the intimating resources of the Texas criminal justice system alone. 

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Choosing to do nothing about your legal troubles has consequences. If you believe that a judge or jury will see things your way on your own, you’re fighting an uphill battle against the Texas legal system that will crush you. It will intimidate you and box you into a corner. It will make sure that you receive the highest penalties, longer jail time, and greater fines.

Ignoring the problem doesn’t solve the problem. For example, if you don’t do what your boss tells you to do because the task is difficult, time consuming, or boring - you know that you will probably be fired. Why would you not want to do what your boss tells you to do? You want to keep your job and provide for your family. Likewise, by failing to hire a criminal defense lawyer that is an expert in criminal law to represent you, you set yourself up for failure.

Not convinced? Read more on why you should hire a criminal defense lawyer.

Criminal Charges in Texas Are Serious

Texas has some of the heaviest penalties in the country. It is absolutely vital that the defense of your case begins at once. The earlier our law office gets involved, the faster we can get into action on your behalf. As highly experienced criminal defense lawyers, we know how important the outcome of your case is, and we take a personal interest in you, your family, and your future. Your freedom is important to us and we are prepared to evaluate your legal situation immediately to advise you how we will move forward with your criminal defense case.

Your Personal Criminal Defense Team

Imagine if you could hire a criminal defense law firm that works for you. Imagine lawyers that put your interests ahead of their own financial gain. Imagine, even if proven guilty of a crime, lawyers that fought tooth and nail to reduce your penalties and time spent in prison. Does this sound like a fantasy? Well it isn’t. If you give us a call right now, before your situation gets out of control, we will do everything in our power to fight for you and secure your freedom.

If the only thing you get…

…by calling us is confirming the seriousness of the criminal charges against you…

If the only thing you get by calling us is to schedule an appointment for your free consultation with an experienced defense attorney…

If the only thing you get by calling us is expert legal advice and being told what your next steps should be…

If the only thing you get by calling us is one testimonial after another of criminal defense clients who had their cases dismissed or charges dropped…

If you get one of these things, it’ll be worth the time, effort, and investment to contact us. The great news is you don’t get only one. We promise you will get them all!


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Since 2007, Daniel & Hudson has successfully won hundreds of criminal cases, both in and out of the courtroom. We provide excellent client service, always keeping your future in mind.